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Powell Manufacturing Industries (PMI) is a manufacture of wet mop heads and resale of janitorial supplies (mops, brooms and brushes). PMI is located in Northeast Washington DC. PMI has been in existence since 1984 and incorporated since 1989. At this time PMI has an opportunity to increase sales 254% over in the next five years.

PMI’s MISION is to exceed client’s expectations by guarantying that every product sold reflects Value, Responsiveness and Community dedication.
PMI’S VISION is to set a new standard for the commercial mop in the United States and Western Hemisphere
The janitorial supply market is a 6 billion dollar a year market. With regards to PMI’s niche (supermarkets)
POWELL’S Manufacturing Industries was established in February of 1984 and incorporated in Washington DC in 1989. We were initially established to make commercial mop heads. Due to the synergy of the market place, PMI began to offer brooms and brushes as well. Janitorial supplies (i.e. cleaning fluids and bags etc.) were the next logical step in PMI’s maturation as a business and in the industry.
PMI began as a concept among James Powell, Donald Powell of RCA Manufacturing in Raleigh NC and James Robinson in 1983. In February 1984 PMI lease 500 sq ft in the back of a Venetian blind factory; locate at 258 35th ST NE. coupled with his life savings and various loans James Powell open PMI with three employees. Through his Washington DC Board of Trade, contacts James Powell landed the lucrative Giant Food contract in 1989.
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