Antimicrobial Wet Mop

Antimicrobial Wet Mop yarns provide the best balance for pick up, retention & bacterial resistance. This antimicrobial wet mop is produced with yarn spinning that allows for laundering without netting. Our antimicrobial wet mop is made with the addition of antimicrobial agents; it is preshrunk & includes double tail bands. Colored mops contain more synthetic fiber than white and provide additional efficiencies and durability.

Disposable Dust Mop

Disposable Dust MopThis is the best economic choice where you do not have processing capabilities. Designed with a heavy non-woven backing and bottom center row of yarn for additional dust pick-up capabilities. These mops are stocked in blue and white yarn colors and are pre-treated unless specified as untreated

Microfiber Dust Mop

Finished Mops Flat

Finish Mop Nylon Looped-End

Finish Mop - NylonFinish Mop: This is constructed with 100% continuous filament nylon yarn so that there is no fiber lint left in the finish.  Designed for the professional user, these mops reduce fatigue, save wasted finish and leave a smooth, even appearance.

Finish Mop Head - Blue/White Rayon

Finish Mop HeadThese carry the same high quality as our standard 100% synthetic rayon mops and include a blue stripe for identification purposes. This blue/white striped finish mop is the cleaning industry's primary product for applying floor finish.