Direct Mop Sales has engineered the highest quality microfiber pocket mop on the market. This pocket mop will outperform all other pocket mops on the market. We believe this new generation of microfiber pocket mops will soon become the industry standard for all other pocket mops to be measured. This new and innovative product was designed for the needs of healthcare applications to increase soil and bacteria pick up and retention while reducing the potential for bacteria growth and contamination after use.

Microfiber Yarn: The product is produced with an 80/20 microfiber yarn blend and closed loops for each of the individual yarns. These closed loops will eliminate fiber snagging in use and processing and allow more microfiber yarns to contact the cleaning surface. This increase in surface contact will allow for better attraction and holding of soil and bacteria particles, resulting in better performance and longer product life.

Microfiber Backing:The product includes a microfiber perforated mesh backing on the bottom and the pockets, which will allow for easy saturation of the entire mop while allowing the mop to breathe and reduce post-use bacteria growth potentials within the mop. The backing is produced with elasticity properties to ensure a snug and proper fit on the pocket mop frame at all times. Combining these two features produces a higher-performing and more durable product that will also be more energy efficient in processing.

Our new pocket mops are 18” in size and produced in four vibrant colors for color-coding systems. If you are currently using pocket mops, or if you have been considering using pocket mops, you have to test and compare this mop to your other options.