Janitorial Starter Kit



This Janitorial Starter Kit includes all of the following:

Microfiber Cleaning Supplies

1-MFH18S– 18″ Aluminum Handle and Frame Set
1-MFP18B– 18″ Microfiber Standard Loop Pile Pad
1-MCPB18– 18″ Microfiber Cut-Pile Pad
1-MFR18BF– 18″ Microfiber Dust Mop Pad
1-MFT16B-Dozen– Blue Microfiber Terry Cloths 16″x16″ 300gsm Dozen
1-MFT16G-Dozen– Green Microfiber Terry Cloths 16″x16″ 300gsm Dozen

Dust Mopping Supplies

2-DHDB524– 24″ Blue Closed-Loop Dust Mops
1-HMF524– 24″ Dust Mop Frame
1-MHDL-DMC72– Clip-on Style Aluminum Telescopic Dust Mop Handle

Wet Mopping Supplies

2-NMWM124G– Green Microfiber Looped-End Wet Mops Large 1 1/4″ Band
1-BWC32QT– Mop Bucket & Wringer Combination Set
1-CONESIGNWF20– 20″ Pop-up Safety Cone
1-MHDL-PB72– Plastic Bar Style Aluminum Telescopic Wet Mop Handle


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